Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat

Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat

Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat"HALF SHELL "Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat

     A buy boat is a large vessel (usually 50' or more) that went up and down the Chesapeake Bay and bought the daily catch from the Skipjacks and other working boats. The buy boats would then take the catch to the market. You might say that these boats were considered the middle men of the water. This practice enabled the other working boats to stay out on the waters longer. These boats still work today, but they also carry seed oysters out and plant them for the state, and sometimes take classes or tour groups out for hire.
Complete Kit contains:
Basswood & Cedar     Pre-routed base
Hardware & rigging supplies Instructions & blueprints
21 1/2 in. long 15 in. tall
Model done in 3/8 in. scale.
Difficulty        Intermediate
Check the desired boxes to order
Complete Kit $99.95
Plans & instructions only $19.95
Hardware kit only $19.95

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